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KISS Ikons Trading Cards - Set of 12 Stickers.


KISS Ikons Trading Cards - Set of 12 Stickers.

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Product Description

Set of the entire 12 sticker sub-set from the 2009 KISS IKONS TRADING CARDS.

MINT condition.



This very exciting release includes a 90 card set, along with parallel subsets, plus rare chase cards with Gene Simmons costume material swatch cards and special coupon cards that can be redeemed for Paul and Gene autographs! Stickers and tattoos are also randomly inserted into the packs. Press Pass, the creator of these cards is well known for it's over-the-top quality and excellence. This is sure to be the KISS item of the year!

Breakdown of the Sets and Subsets:

- 90 card base set
- 90 card parallel "blood" set
- 90 card parallel "fire" set
- 2 KISS clothing swatch cards
- 8 KISS "letter" variant clothing swatch cards
- 1 Paul Stanley autograph redemption card
- 1 Gene Simmons autograph redemption card
- 720 unique "printing plate" aluminum cards
- 12 sticker set
- 18 tattoo set

- 2 product cards
- 1 contest card

Some interesting notes:

The 90 card KISS BASE SET is broken up into several categories: The Early Days, KISS & Tell, KISS Doctrine, KISS and Make up, Klassic KISS, and KISStory. They together form the 90 card set.

The KISS BLOOD parallel set are the same cards as the base, but are black and white with translucent red blood details. There are one of these cards per every 4 packs or 1:4.

The KISS FIRE parallel set is another 90 card sub-set similar to the BLOOD set with this one having translucent flames crossing each card. The more significant difference is their rarity - they are all individually numbered and only 50 sets were printed  - There is a one in twenty chance or 1:20 of finding one. 

The KISS KLOTHING cards have a small swatch of cloth cut from a piece of an actual costume worn by Gene Simmons. There are two main variations: The first, card KK1, is a piece of fake leather or "pleather" from a pair of Gene's stage-worn pants. Card KK2 has a piece of spandex taken from a jumpsuit Gene wore on the Farewell tour. Chances of finding one are 1:90. Even more rare are the "letter" sub-sets within this sub-set. Each of these cards have four additional numbered variants to match up with the more common, (but still very rare), non-numbered version, that have either a "K" , "I" or one of two different "S" die-cut over the fabric swatch, (rather than just the circle as the non-numbered version has). The "K" letter variants are individually numbered 1-249 in bronze foil, the "I" 1-149 in silver foil, the first letter "S" is numbered 1-99 in gold foil and the second letter "S" card is numbered only 1-50 in blue foil. 

The KISS AUTOGRAPH REDEMPTION cards can be exchanged for actual autographed photos of Paul and Gene, should you be so lucky. These signatures come from the KISS Butterfield's auction of 2000 in Hollywood California. As a promotion to go along with this massive event, Paul and Gene signed Photos, Posters and Auction catalogs for retail sale. There were some left-overs that were bought up by and shared with the manufacturer of the KISS IKONS cards. We so happen to have these, from the same batch, for sale on this website. There are 50 sequentially numbered photos of each for a total of only 100.  (Click to see Paul Autographed Photo) , (Click to see Gene Autographed Photo)

The KISS PRINTING PLATE card sub set was an unannounced surprise additon to the many extra insert card sets. Cards are made of aluminum metal and cut from the actual mechanical printing plate. It is unclear of the actual number, but there could be as many as 720 unique cards. In the printing process, there are 4 color passes that need to be made to produce a full color image: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. Therefore, each card has 4 plates for the front and 4 for the back for 90 cards for a total of 720. The printing plate cards are all unique and each is numbered "1 of 1".

The KISS TATTOO sub-set contains 18 different cards. These are the typical temporary tattoos that can be applied with water. A rather interesting collection of images, and chances of finding one are 1:4.

The KISS STICKER sub-set is a 12 card collection featuring some of the more recognizable KISS promotional logos and images. This is the most common sub-set and you can find one in every other package or 1:2.

The PRODUCT CARDS are simply two order forms for merchandise. One for a KISS TRADING CARD BINDER, the other for UNCUT KISS CARD SHEET. 1:12

The CONTEST CARD is an invite for you to send in a photo of yourself dressed as KISS to appear in an upcoming KISS TRADING CARD release, (wouldn't that be something?) 1:24


From the manufacturer:
KISS Ikons goes behind the scenes with a 90-card base set that includes rare and never-before-seen photos, along with quotes directly from current and former band members about everything KISS. Discover everything from how the band got its name to the inspiration behind some of their most memorable songs.

KISS fans can also own their very own piece of KISS memorabilia! The KISS Klothes insert features authentic memorabilia worn by the Demon himself, Gene Simmons. Memorabilia includes black lace-up pleather pants and a black jumpsuit. Fans and collectors can also look for instant win cards for authentic autographed 8x10 photos of Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley.

The KISS Army is still going strong after all these years, and KISS Ikons includes an awesome lineup of KISS Stickers and Tattoos that every KISS Army member will love! Whether you're a fan of the Demon, the Starchild, the Spaceman, or the Catman these cool collectibles are a great way to show off your KISS pride.






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