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We Buy KISS Collections

Have a KISS Collection to sell? We have over 30 years experience and have sold over 250,000 pieces of KISS memorabilia. We are totally equipped to make this an easy, streamlined experience for you!

NO COLLECTION IS TOO LARGE - We have purchased collections that fill up a truck twice as long as the one shown below. This is out professional full-time job and we guarantee we have the means and spotless reputation to fairly and quickly purchase any KISS collection, no matter how big! (See bottom of page for items we do NOT want to buy).

WE WILL BRING A TRUCK TO PICK UP COLLECTIONS. NO ONE ELSE in the world will do this! The headache, hassle and expense of boxing up and shipping multiple packages at the risk of damage or loss is taken away - we drive up, pay you, load up and the deal is done! If your collection is truck size, we will, in most cases, be able to come pick it up. Smaller collections can be shipped.

We buy ENTIRE KISS collections - we don't pick and choose what you have. And we want EVERYTHING - every scrap of worthless paper up to and beyond $10,000 items. If you want it all gone and turned into cash, we are the ones to make that happen. If it is KISS-related, we will buy it!

If you have an extraordinarily large collection to sell, please contact us right away so we can go over the details. There have been several times in the past we have flown out to evaluate larger collections prior to buying.


Here's All You Need To Do:

1) Let us know who you are:
- Your Name
    - Your Phone Number
    - Where the collection is located

2) Let us know what you have:
    - Send us photos, (see instructions below)
    - Send us a list, (see instructions below)    

3) We review the collection and make you an offer.

4) We drive a truck up to your house and pick it up, or you ship it to us, (depending on size), and you get paid.

Easy as that!

Send us an e-mail HERE


How to send us photos:
We prefer photos to lists, but you can do either or both. Just snapping some photos with your phone is the easiest way, but only if you follow these instructions:
First, DO NOT take single photos of every item - Just lay out 1 or 2 dozen items at a time and take one photo of that group. If there is a particularly expensive piece or if something needs to be noted, then take a close up of that. 
Second, make sure every item is ONLY SHOWN ONCE in the photos. Do not lay down 50 items and then take a panoramic series with overlap. Obviously this causes confusion and will lead us to think there is more than one of the same item.
Last, send us the photos. You can email them to us HERE, (3 or 4 at a time), or if you have a large amount, post them to Flickr or Dropbox. Let us know if you have any problems and we can guide you through.

How to send us a list:
Obviously we need to know what you have. When making a written list, start with the big-ticket items and end with the smaller stuff, (more or less). When you get to common items like magazines or matchbox cars just list the piece count, for instance, "12 magazines from the '80s" or "6 Johnny Lightning Matchbox cars". If anything is less than a 9 out of 10 condition, any obvious wear or defects has to be noted. Lists must be in list form, not paragraph form.

About us coming to pick up your collection:
When we say "truck-size collection", this can mean a cargo size van, all the way up to a 26 foot or longer commercial truck. If your collection is just a few large boxes, then it can be shipped to us. If you have dozens or hundreds of boxes and items that would be impossible to ship, we can usually pick up depending on value and distance. We like to string together 3 or 4 collections and do one big run at once when possible. We do this ALL the time and if it sounds complicated, it isn't! We love what we do and do it well in an easy, efficient manor. 


AND THE MOST IMPORTANT THING OF ALL - Do NOT send us fragmented lists or incomplete photo sets. All info has to be sent together, or in separate emails close together. The biggest problem we have is the confusion of receiving a partial list and then an addition days later. Obviously this causes logistics problems and too many mistakes can be made, so please just send everything together.

If you have any questions, please contact us HERE


WE DO NOT WANT THESE ITEMS. Everyone wants to sell them, no one wants to buy them: